Nick Marvin


A 40-minute key note address (plus 20 min Q&A) on the management transformation story of the Perth Wildcats from 2009-2017 using the key principles of PURPOSE, PEOPLE and PERFORMANCE.
From average attendances of 3,000 to sell-outs in a 13,000 seat arena. Breaking the decade-long championship drought to four championships and six grand finals in eight years.
▷ What are the key factors that contribute to performing teams?
▷ How to you create a work-place culture that genuinely engages your people?
▷ Experience the power of core values when lived and practiced organisation-wide!
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“Nick is an engaging presenter and facilitated a powerful session with 50 of our hospital leaders. His stories of living and leading from a values-base are both inspiring and challenging. The lessons Nick shared with our team have had an ongoing impact throughout the organisation. Nick communicates with conviction reinforced by research and lived experience. His message cuts through the noise that often fills our minds (and hearts) and rings true as a guide to living authentically and effectively as leaders in work and indeed, all of life.”
Tara Peters | Director of Mission Integration


I lead facilitated sessions for boards, senior management and entrepreneurs based on my experiences with transforming organisations and culture using the case study of the Perth Wildcats and the principles of Purpose, People and Performance.

Australian Institute of Management WA – Inspirational Leaders

27 June 2017, Perth, Western Australia

Inspiring Stories

Tim McMillan delves into the inspiring stories of Western Australian identities from all walks of life.

One of WA’s leading sports administrators and the man who brought the Perth Wildcats back from the brink of shutting their doors to another period of success by making them the ‘Wiggles’ of sport.