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Management ConsultingNick Marvin is a company director, management consultant, speaker and author, with over 20 years experience in public, private and non-for-profit sectors in Australia and USA. »»»

His expertise is in strategy, organisational performance, turn-around-management and profitable revenue growth. Marvin provides management consulting services to medium and large enterprises.

Sports Management

BasketballNick Marvin consults with various sporting authorities, leagues, governing bodies, clubs and associations in areas of management, marketing and game design and development.

He also provides corporations and governments with strategic advice on sport and entertainment partnerships.

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Latest Article

  • How will we lead our lives?

    How will we lead our lives?

    Life happens! Our environment shapes it and we adapt – until a defining moment when we must all pause and question: How will we live our life? It takes curiosity and courage to ask ourselves how will we be remembered and to live in accordance to those values. For it …»»»
  • The urgency delusion of work

    The urgency delusion of work

    The immediacy of our work environments have had numerous positive and negative implications on how we perform. One phenomenon, is the sense of urgency that has permeated everything we do in the work place. The addiction to ubiquitous screens endlessly screaming for our attention has only worsened our consciousness. It …»»»
  • Remembering J Barrey Williams

    Remembering J Barrey Williams

    It was just another Thursday morning in August until a text message would change my life forever. J. Barrey Williams had missed his hospital appointment – one that he made every Thursday for months prior. He would usually end those Thursdays catching up with friends over a nice Shiraz and …»»»