Winning isn’t everything

Winning isn’t everything – It’s just as important to follow the compass as it is to check the clock when pursuing our personal best.

Is it time to abandon annual performance reviews?

(This is part#2 of a series on PEOPLE – see part#1 here) Managers and leaders have to re-wire their organisations to evolve in order to satisfy these needs and still perform in a competitive and challenging environment. They need to constantly calibrate their purpose in an ever-changing global marketplace. What is irrefutable, is that the…

How will we lead our lives?

Life happens! Our environment shapes it and we adapt – until a defining moment when we must all pause and question: How will we live our life?
It takes curiosity and courage to ask ourselves how will we be remembered and to live in accordance to those values.
For it is not how long we live, but simply how?

The urgency delusion of work

The immediacy of our work environments have had numerous positive and negative implications on how we perform. One phenomenon, is the sense of urgency that has permeated everything we do in the work place. The addiction to ubiquitous screens endlessly screaming for our attention has only worsened our consciousness. It has led to a delusion…

Focusing on the person – the primacy of the individual

There are no teams! There are no departments. There are no business units. There are no customers and there are no suppliers. There are, however, individuals who comprise all of the above! The human person. It is the human in management that must take primacy at all times. Teams don’t under perform – individuals in…