Why Alcohol must leave sport…

Foreword to the September 2017 Report from the Alcohol Advertising Review Board. “With great power comes great responsibility” – Spider-Man When it comes to alcohol, sport in Australia must seriously consider its responsibility to the welfare of kids and young adults in light of the enormous power it wields. More than a million children aged […]

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How will we lead our lives?

How will we live our lives

Life happens! Our environment shapes it and we adapt – until a defining moment when we must all pause and question: How will we live our life?
It takes curiosity and courage to ask ourselves how will we be remembered and to live in accordance to those values.
For it is not how long we live, but simply how?

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The urgency delusion of work

Urgency Delusion at Work

The immediacy of our work environments have had numerous positive and negative implications on how we perform. One phenomenon, is the sense of urgency that has permeated everything we do in the work place. The addiction to ubiquitous screens endlessly screaming for our attention has only worsened our consciousness. It has led to a delusion […]

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Eliminating the weakest link

The management practice of maximising an individual’s strengths and making their weaknesses irrelevant is rightfully becoming widespread these days. However, this will only be successful if weaknesses are above a certain acceptable level. A person with a speaking difficulty or hearing impediment will not make a good telephone receptionist. Similarly, as discussed earlier, one’s strength […]

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