Nick MarvinNick Marvin is CEO and managing director of the Perth Wildcats and Perth Lynx.

He also served as Chairman of the National Basketball League (NBL) from October 2013 until August 2015.

imageHe was listed in the 100 Most Influential West Australians (2015 & 2016).

Prior to the Wildcats/Lynx, he practiced as a management consultant to public, private and non-profit organisations in Australia and the USA.

In 1991, he won Rolling Stone Magazine’s national writing award.

Nick Marvin studied Business and Computing at Monash University and has an MBA from RMIT University. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (FAIM), a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Turnaround Management Association.

He has been married to Leigh for almost 20 years; they have six children who are home-schooled. They attend daily mass at Victoria Park Catholic Church.

» November 2016 article in Australian Institute of Management Magazine – Full Artcle PDF

Effort BookIn 2015, Nick Marvin published his first children’s book – EFFORT
The illustrated story is about a young basketball player who overcomes a perceived lack of talent and athletic ability and becomes an unlikely hero through sheer effort and hard work.
More information or buy a copy here…



imageNick Marvin commenced as CEO of the Perth Wildcats in 2006 and assumed full management control in 2009 as managing director when he restructured the entire company.
Since that time, the organisation has turned-around historical losses to post consecutive profits.
On-court the team has won four national championships in the last eight years reaching the Grand Final six times and the Semi Finals twice.
In 2011, the Wildcats moved from a 4,200 seat stadium to a 12,500 seat Arena which it regularly fills to capacity. It boasts the best attendances and television viewership in the National Basketball League.

In 2015, the organisation acquired the Perth Lynx in the Womens National Basketball League. In its inaugural year under new management, the team made its first post-season appearance since 2000 by qualifying for the Grand Final.
The Perth Lynx became the first professional women’s team in Australia to employ their players as full-time athletes.


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  • John Nobensi (oHawksTVo)

    Inspirational blog Nick!
    7 day challenge! Bring it on! On two wheels though, not two legs!
    Not going to enjoy that 4pm “wall” I will hit at work with such an early start, but I’ll try and start and finish the day a couple of hours earlier than usual. Here’s nothing…..and BTW, Go Wildcats!
    ….PS. Please pardon my ignorance but your Twitter link at the bottom of the page………is it supposed to have three ts? Twittter or Twitter. I was starting to go crossed-eyed trying to work it out……thanks. Take care. John.

    • Nick Marvin

      Thanks for the comments and the pick up on the typo – fixed.
      I used to ride – even to work – 23kms – but almost got taken out by a car and haven’t done much since.
      Yes, Nate and Casey look great in practice and the rest of the squad have improved a lot in the off-season. Will be an exciting one – can’t wait.